House XYZ Erases The Imposed Constraint Of Walls And Floors, By Kwong Von Glinow Design

when we imagine being in our home, we usually begin by navigating through it conventionally, as we would if walking through the actual space. without much thought, we can close our eyes and imagine effortlessly what we can do in each area, or how to reach anything within.

house XYZ

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we think about these things without the consideration of barrier or effort. our sequence of movement can be shuffled out of order, so that we can skip from the downstairs kitchen to the upstairs laundry room. kwong von glinow‘s house XYZ does just this — it brings together all of the objects that make the home a place of domesticity: a bed for sleeping, a tub for bathing, and a kitchen countertop for cooking.




the dimension of these items are human dimensions, made for daily use, which cross-culturally define our domestic routine of living. ‘house XYZ’ erases the architecturally imposed constraint of walls and floors and suspends domestic items. the ceiling track inscribes the circulation that occurs three-dimensionally, while ‘rooms’ are re-configured within a single volume by coordinates X, Y, and Z — an invisible spatial plan, where everything is visually accessible.




what does it mean to live in a house where — in a limited area — every space can be used in any direction without obstructions such as corridors, multiple floors, or even interior walls? can we discover how the suspension of dimensions can create a new way of thinking about life in a house? 


living room

dining room




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kwong von glinow design office: lap chi kwong, alison von glinow

in collaboration with gregory serweta

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house XYZ erases the imposed constraint of walls and floors, by kwong von glinow design
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