Types Of Living Room Chairs To Enhance Interiors And Utility

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  • Rocking chairs may seem old fashioned, but they are extremely comfortable. If you're looking for a great rocking chair or glider, the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is the best one you can buy. This stylish rocking chair works as a glider or recliner and it has a 360-degree swivel action.

If you look at a rocking chair or glider and think they’re only for nursing mothers soothing a baby or senior citizens relaxing on the porch, you’re partially right. Certainly, those are two of the more common users of rocking chairs. But almost anyone can enjoy a rocking chair, and they are many more cool styles to choose from these days.

Rocking chairs are even becoming modern and somewhat popular. After all, you don’t have to be a baby to enjoy the gentle rocking sensation of these chairs. You can enjoy your new rocker in cushioned comfort, whether you’re in the baby’s nursery, on the porch, or in a living room watching TV.

The benefits of rocking chairs

As >Architizer explains, the first rocking chairs appeared in the 1700s, and they were often oversized chairs, designed for two people. A mother and a nursing child would use rocking chairs at feeding time to create a soothing environment. A nurse and ill patient might use a rocking chair together, too, in an effort to calm the patient.

Rocking chairs eventually migrated into the one-person chairs commonly in use today, although they still work great for a mother and a fussy baby. Rocking chairs have become part of American art and folklore, symbolizing leisure time and a country lifestyle. 

Medical professionals encourage the use of rocking chairs to help senior citizens improve balance and muscle tone, when other types of exercise are too strenuous, according to >Live Strong. >Rocking Chair Therapy discusses the use of rocking chairs in parent-child bonding, as well as in helping dementia patients overcome anxiety.

Features of rocking chairs

Rocking chairs and gliders are available in many shapes, designs, styles, and sizes. All of them allow you to create a gentle rocking motion, but they go about the process in slightly different ways. >Baby Center, >The Bump, >eBay, and >Apartment Therapy discuss some of the different designs and styles.

  • Fabric: If you’re often rocking your baby in the chair, the chair is going to become soiled at some point. It’s inevitable. So pick a type of chair and fabric that’s easy to clean.

  • Glider or platform: A glider rocking chair moves forward and backward, leaving the base in a stable position, rather than having the entire chair move in an arc like a traditional rocking chair. The movement of a glider is often smoother than a rocking chair, which is good for moms and babies. Gliders and platform rockers operate in a similar manner.

  • Locking mechanism: Some rocking chairs can be locked in place, which makes it easier for you to stand up while holding a baby.

  • Ottoman: Many

     rocking chairs come with an ottoman, which allows you to put your feet up when you don’t want to rock. Some ottomans that ship with glider rocking chairs also move in the same manner as the glider, allowing for a smooth motion.

  • Outdoor: Some rocking chairs are made for indoor use, while others are made for outdoor use. If you plan to leave your rocking chair exposed to the weather, be sure to pick a chair rated for outdoor use.

  • Padding: A rocking chair may provide padding to support your back, neck, and arms. You may be spending a few hours in the chair to comfort a sick baby, so padding is important. Even an all-wood rocking chair can be made more comfortable with removable padding that ties onto the chair.

  • Recliner: Some rockers have a reclining feature, which allows you to lock the rocking chair in place and put your feet up on a foot rest.

  • Swivel: Some rocking chairs have a circular base, which allows you to spin the chair 360 degrees in addition to rocking in it. This is a great feature for being able to swing around and see other children playing in the entire room while sitting with a baby.

With all that in mind, these are the best rocking chairs you can buy on Amazon. We've checked all the reviews and looked over the feature sets of every rocking chair in our guide to find only the best ones. Whether you're a new mom, a grandparent, or just someone who loves rocking chairs, we have a pick for you here.

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