Touting A Pro Democracy Platform, Activist Joins The Race For Congress In Pennsylvania’s Eighth District

NEWTOWN BOROUGH >> It was bitterly cold outside, but inside The Temperance House on Jan. 6, Democratic activist Steve Bacher was warming up for what is expected to be a hotly contested race for U.S. Congress this year.

Before an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, the former vice chairman of the Newtown Democratic Club and co-founder of Bucks Environmental Action, announced his “Pro-Democracy” candidacy for Congress in the 8th district of Pennsylvania.

“I’m here today to ask for your support not just to take back the 8th Congressional District, but even more importantly to take back our country,” he said.

“I believe this is the year the pro-Democracy, democratic activist resistance will take back the House and Senate and save our nation from those who don’t care about our shared values and will loot and destroy our nation until they are stopped,” said Bacher, to cheers and applause from his supporters.

“2018 is the year we will take back the House and Senate from the Republicans who cater only to the richest of the rich and remain silent on the face of bigotry. 2018 is the year we will roll back the Trump Administration’s anti-Democratic agenda. And 2018 is the year we will lay the foundation to take back the White House in 2020,” he said to more shouts and cheers.

The environmental activist, Quaker and progressive Democrat from Lower Makefield said if he’s elected he would speak out about injustices and “represent working people, not billionaire donors."

Bacher said he supports abortion rights, creation of a Medicare-for-all health insurance system that covers everyone, reversing global warming by creating millions of jobs in renewable energy, creating a national living wage and making public colleges and training for trades tuition free.

He also supports common sense gun safety legislation, promoting a culture that honors everyone who works hard and plays by the rules regardless of their gender identity, color of their skin, ethnicity, religion or economic class, and Constitutional amendments guaranteeing equal rights for women and everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Every day there’s a new outrage in our beloved nation. Every day a new injustice. Every day a challenge to our faith in government. Every day another sign that our great nation is drifting alarmingly toward authoritarianism,” said Bacher. “Our President denigrates the press and judiciary, vilifies the FBI, dismisses diplomacy, undermines national security, threatens nuclear war, attacks legal immigrants and calls white supremacists some very fine people. And the Republican Congress is silent.

“We need strength. We need courage. We need persistence. We need to speak up in the face of injustice,” he said. “We need to speak out on behalf of our neighbors. We need to fight the good fight to preserve our Democracy with actions, words and nonviolent protest.”

Bacher, age 55, has a 30 year career of public service in the higher education, nonprofit and government sectors. He served for seven years as the first Director of Digital Marketing for Bucks County Community College, for five years as the first Executive Director of Cape May’s Center for Community Arts, and four years as Managing Director of Vortex Repertory Company in Austin, Texas, which he co-founded.

He served as an Intergovernmental Relations Officer at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, D.C. during the Clinton-Gore Administration, and as a grant writer for the City of Jersey City. He also served as both a grant writer and Director of Administrative Systems for Adoption and Foster Care Services at The Children’s Aid Society, and writes grants as a consultant for Camp No Limits. Bacher is an alumnus of the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Bucks County training program.

Bacher’s volunteer work includes four years on Newtown Township’s Environmental Advisory Council, where he led successful efforts to persuade the supervisors to pass anti-fracking and anti-Elcon resolutions. He is a founding steering committee member of Bucks County and co-founded Bucks Environmental Action, a county-wide coalition of groups dedicated to protecting our air, water and soil. Formally trained by The Climate Reality Project, he presents scientific data showing evidence and implications of climate change to students at Bucks County Community College, as well as to other community groups.

In addition, he is a member of Newtown Friends Meeting (Quakers) and serves on its Children’s Religious Education and Peace and Service Committees.

“Our nation faces a choice,” said Bacher. “Are we a nation of compassion, a nation of love, do we feed the hungry, clothe the poor and care for the sick among us? Or are we a nation of selfishness, a nation of greed? Are we a nation of people who are out to get what we can for ourselves? This is the choice we face.

“I know we are a nation of good people, a nation of generous people, a caring people. We need to summon our strength, unify our community and reclaim our Democracy. Our politicians are leading us down a road of short term gains with no vision of the long term.”

Bacher did not mention the other announced Democrat in the race, but he did talk about Republican incumbent Congressnam Brian Fitzpatrick.

“We all know that Brian Fitzpatrick has betrayed all of us whether we voted for him or not,” said Bacher. “Every day we must spread the word that he’s selling out working people with his votes. He voted to give us tiny little tax breaks and enormous windfalls to the wealthiest of the wealthy. Every day we must spread the word about Fitzpatrick’s hypocrisy on the environment claiming to be interested in clean air and water while voting with trump to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and to continue subsidies to the fossil fuels industry that cause climate disruption.

“Every day we must spread the word about his hypocrisy claiming to be on the side of police while voting with Trump to allow people with mental illnesses to get guns. Every day we must spread the word about Fitzpatrick’s hypocrisy touting his career in the FBI while remaining silent while Trump vilifies his former colleagues. Every day we must spread the word of Brian Fitzpatrick’s hypocrisy and betrayal of his constituents,” he said.

“The process of winning back our nation starts with all of us,” said Bacher. “When we defeat Brian Fitzpatrick in the fall of 2018 we will not only take back this district, we will be part of a democratic wave that will sweep our nation and take back our Congress for the hard working people of our country.

“2018 will be the year the democratic activist resistance takes back the Congress. We can do this together,” he said. “We must do it for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.”

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Touting a pro-Democracy platform, activist joins the race for Congress in Pennsylvania’s eighth district
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