This Tiny House Hides Everything In Its Walls

If you’ve followed the tiny house movement at all, you’re well aware that the typical design means living in a rustic-cute space with all your things on display.

Not so for aVOID, a modern micro-home designed by architect Leonardo Di Chiara with everything collapsable and concealed within the structure’s white walls: bed, dining table, chairs, kitchenette, storage, a ladder to access the roof deck, and more.

The 96-square-foot home is made primarily out of timber, paneled inside and out in painted wood. When modules are opened or folded out, they reveal natural wood paneling underneath, creating a more homey vibe.

Di Chiara worked with more than 150 different suppliers and manufacturers to create custom items like the kitchen sink, faucet, lights, and insulation. He even tapped a lighting designer to help create a lighting scheme that makes the space feel larger.

In a video from Fair Companies, Di Chiara explains that he first fell in love with white empty spaces as an allergy-prone child living in a small room that needed to be constantly cleaned of dust.

“The tiny house is like a short instruction manual to reductionism,” said Di Chiara. “By itself, it teaches and pushes you to deprive yourself of unnecessary things, to consume less water and less energy, to put back your clothes in their place and to wash the dishes immediately after eating. The void, which is obtained by closing again all the wall-mounted furniture, is the refuge of my creativity.”

Via: Treehugger, Fair Companies

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This tiny house hides everything in its walls
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