The Grossest Items In Your Bedroom You Need To Clean Right Now

You deal with a lot in the hours between walking out your door in the morning and hitting the pillow at night (meetings, lunch dates, drugstore runs, life). Translation: With everything clamoring for your attention, perfecting your personal living space can feel like a waste of your precious time.

But according to Well+Good home editor Ali Finney, keeping your pad (and especially your bedroom) tidy is just as much a self-care essential as your commitment to your weekly yoga class or natural beauty balm.

“Creating a space that feels organized is just as much of a wellness exercise as going to the gym,” Finney says. “If you file it under ‘things to be mindful of,’ it becomes less of a chore and more of  a beautiful thing you do for yourself every day.”

“Creating a space that feels organized is just as much of a wellness exercise as going to the gym.”

And staying tidy actually can have big payoffs—including to help you chill out. “There are all sorts of studies that show that stress levels plummet when you have a neat and tidy room,” Finney says. “It’s especially conducive to a cool, low-stress vibe. When I walk into my room and there are clothes everywhere, I feel stressed and more inclined to start putting things away rather than sitting down and enjoying a relaxing night at home.” 

To help with your Marie-Kondo-esque makeover, Finney has some all-star advice for how to turn your home into a streamlined oasis. “Which is what we all want when we go home, right?” Finney says. “After a long day, you want your home to be your happy place.” Retweet.

Scroll down for genius organizational tips that will turn your bedroom into a healthy haven.

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