The 5 Ways Your Home Will Get Even Healthier This Year, According To Design Pros

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Becoming one with nature

This year, expect to see more of the great outdoors coming inside. “In the future, there will be a greater interest in biophilia in residential environments,” explains Dan Kaplan, Senior Partner at FXFOWLE Architects. “Biophilia is a term that represents humans’ desire and tendency to connect with nature.” Kaplan notes that this can be difficult in urban environments (looking at you, NYC), but points to the city’s new apartment complex Circa Central Park as an example of making it work. “We incorporated a green courtyard, saturated the units with natural light and views oriented to the park, and used natural materials that made connections with the natural world,” he says. “Beyond giving shelter, residential buildings in the future will also accommodate the holistic (social, cultural and environmental) needs of urban dwellers.”

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The 5 ways your home will get even healthier this year, according to design pros
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