Staunton Plans Renovation Of The Johnson Street Parking Garage


Parking in downtown Staunton may get a little worse before it gets better.

The Queen City is in the process of hiring a contractor to renovate the Johnson Street Parking Garage.

The 42-year-old garage is set to undergo a complete renovation around March, lasting about six months, to fix problems caused by water infiltration.

The $2.5 million renovation is expected to extend the life of the garage by over 20 years, and according to the director of public works for Staunton, Thomas Sliwoski, the city couldn't hold off on the project any longer.

"If the project was not done, the life of this garage is expected to be anywhere from two to five more years before we'd have to shut it down completely," said Sliwoski. "The decision was made to make the repairs now to extend the useful life of the facility."

Although several smaller renovations of the garage have taken place over the years, Sliwoski said that the upcoming renovation will last about 6-8 months and will make sure the building is protected against water damage in the future.

"Much of the joints will be replaced, a lot of the T beams will also be repaired and realigned, that will prevent infiltration," said Sliwoski. "The other thing that we'll be doing is periodically resealing the entire structure."

During repairs, the garage will temporarily be shut down, displacing the daily parkers, city workers and police officers that use the garage.

"We are making provisions for people who do use the facility to park in other areas and other parking lots that are near and close to the downtown area, so people just have to be patient and work with us and we'll work with them," said Sliwoski.

Sliwoski said that even with more cars having to park on the street, residents and tourists will still have space to park downtown.

The city is still doing research on what other renovations they'll do in the future to fix parking in downtown Staunton, but those decisions won't be made until the Johnson Street garage renovations are complete.

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