Some Of The Finest Restaurants In Phoenix Are Serving On Blue Door Ceramics' Plates

Barbato is right. Chefs from San Francisco to New York have started to ditch white porcelain for artisan stoneware. The stoneware is more durable, for one. Working with a ceramist, too, allows chefs to tailor dinnerware to the shapes and colors of their imaginations (which may accent the shapes and colors of their food). Finally, a chef who supports a small-scale ceramist like Barbato is funneling money back into the local economy and garnering karmic bonus points, same as a chef who buys local peaches or mesquite honey.

At first, though, nobody wanted Barbato’s sea-inspired plates.

She set up her studio not long after she turned 40. After obtaining an education in Arizona, she returned to Brazil and worked in business in Sao Paolo for more than a decade. But, as often happens, she gave into her creative side.

It really started with a visit from a chef in Chicago.

Barbato imprints the topside and underside of her ceramics.EXPAND Barbato imprints the topside and underside of her ceramics.

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Some of the Finest Restaurants in Phoenix Are Serving on Blue Door Ceramics' Plates
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