Kohler Releases The Most Romantic Toilet Commercial Ever Made

“Imagine having the power to make everyday moments more meaningful,” the screen reads. What is the secret? What ancient wisdom do they know that we do not know?

Two minutes of art-directed perfection later, we find out. The answer is Kohler’s new smart line of “Konnect” bathroom products. This voice- and gesture-controlled smart mirror, shower, bathtub, faucet, and, most of all, toilet promise to not just make your life better, but flood your psyche with nonstop waves of ecstasy from the moment the plumber tightens the final bolt on your porcelain throne.

We meet two young women who stand in front of the mirror, doing their makeup for what is surely their first school dance. A mother steps in behind them. Their mother? A stranger? The soul of Amazon Alexa herself, who is trapped for eternity inside the mirror like a ghost? No one knows.

[Image: Kohler]
“Alexa, turn the lights to 100%” she commands, and the girls’ faces are flooded with pure sunlight, warm honey trapped in photons, the purest light that has ever shined upon a youthful face. They react with glee to Thomas Edison’s scientific miracle, now able to inspect their pores with the power of a semi truck’s foglamps firing from three feet away.

[Image: Kohler]
Ghost mom departs. Her watch has ended.

A new dad lets out something of a growl crossed with a yawn. A grawn. He has a face that’s honest in the way that faces are at 3 a.m. when one is woken by a hungry, crying baby–it’s a face that admits to itself, “Maybe I shouldn’t have done this, maybe kids weren’t for me, maybe I wouldn’t have spent all last weekend installing a new kitchen sink if I’d never moved to the suburbs.”

Source : https://www.fastcodesign.com/90156195/kohler-releases-the-most-romantic-toilet-commercial-ever-made

Kohler Releases The Most Romantic Toilet Commercial Ever Made
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