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Winter. It’s the gloomiest season of the year and it feels like it lasts for eternity. Your apartment is probably covered in heavy blankets, candles, and mugs of hot cocoa to keep you cozy and warm during the colder months. However, with spring quickly approaching you may need to freshen up your decor to make your apartment reflect the change of season.

Freshening up your decor doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money on new things, though. There are plenty of ways to switch things up using decorations you already have or DIY projects.


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Switch Out Your Bedding

It’s time to get rid of those flannel sheets and four blankets you wrap yourself in when the temperature drops to the teens during the winter. Pick out a light or pastel colored comforter with some ruffles or floral print. Change out your heavy sheets for some lightweight or silky ones that will make you feel like you’re laying on a cloud.

Grab some decorative pillows to match your new bedding to pull the whole look together.

Rotate or Add Wall Art

If you already have some art hanging on your wall, try rotating it to give it a new perspective. You may surprise yourself with the new rotation or placement of the picture. Maybe all you have are posters taped to your wall. Freshen up this decor by putting your posters into glass frames and hanging them on your wall. This will give your apartment a more put together look.

Don’t have anything hanging on the walls? Find something to put up! Go to thrift shops or local art shows to find an inexpensive piece of art to hang up.

Change Your Lightbulbs

In the winter, people tend to lean towards more warmer lighting to give their home a cozier feeling. Now that springtime is almost here, why not change out your lightbulbs for some whiter light? This makes it feel more natural rather than using a yellow light that seems to darken the room a little more.

If you have lamps with dark shades such as red or purple, switch out the shades for lighter colors such as green, yellow, or white. This will give your room a much bigger feeling and feel much brighter.


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Reorganize Your Bookshelf

You may never notice how monotonous your bookshelf looks with single rows of books. Change up the order by creating small piles of books on the shelf and keeping some spaces open. Add some framed pictures of you and your roommates or your family and your favorite trinkets to the bookshelf.

When your books are spaced out and there are some more decorations in the bookshelf, it will give your room a whole new look! Try out different variations and orders before settling on your favorite one.

Paint an Accent Wall

Check with your landlord before going and painting one of the walls in your apartment. If you’re feeling like your room is a little dull, choose a darker or brighter color to paint one of the walls. Adding an accent wall will not only make your wall stand out, but also pull the room together.

Make a day out of it with you and your roommates, each helping the other paint an accent wall in their bedrooms or in the common area. You can surprisingly get some inexpensive paint and painting supplies from Lowes, Home Depot, or even Walmart.

DIY Wall Decor

The best way to go about freshening your decor is through DIY projects. If you find that you have an empty wall in a room, make something to put up there. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into painting. Paint a picture (or buy a color by number set) to frame and hang up.

If artwork isn’t your style, find some large wooden or cardboard letters that you can paint or even spray paint to hang up. For example, you can do you and your roommates’ initials or have the word “EAT” in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless!


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Add Some Leafy Green

To make your apartment feel more fresh for spring, add some houseplants. If you find that there is an empty corner that could use some love, buy yourself a tree that will do well indoors. Feel free to decorate the pot it is planted in to match the rest of your decor.

Add small plants to the windowsills that get the most sunlight. If you’re feeling a little adventurous in your decorating, buy some hanging plants to make use of some airspace in your apartment. The great thing about having plants is that it gives the apartment a calming feeling and also gives you responsibility to take care of it.

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