High Style Designs Turn Ceilings Into Focal Points

Cut each piece of nylon the same length, loop a piece of it around each 2- by-2 and tie it. Run the lines and tie them to eye hooks you've placed in the ceiling. Adjust the ties to make sure the pieces of wood are even.

The length of the pieces will be determined by the size of the dining area. Paint the ceiling and the drop ceiling white to work best with the fishing line.

A similar effect can be created by using latticework painted a color compatible with the rest of the decor. Suspend it, using small eye hooks, from the ceiling. The lattice will separate one section of the room from the other. If you can panel walls, why not the ceiling? For best results, team the ceiling with a paneled wall, running the ceiling and wall panels in the same direction for a continuous, uninterrupted look.

There are rooms with architectural flaws, and if you happen to be the owner of one of them, rather than trying to hide the flaws, accentuate them.

If you've got a smallish dormer room (one with a dormer and a slanted roof to go with it), paper the walls and carry the paper across the ceiling. It will give a cozy, warm effect.

One of the most elegant ceiling treatments is a padded fabric covering. Between each strip of fabric (backed by padding that is applied directly to the ceiling), place a border covered in the same material to mask the fabric's edges.

The obvious choice for the ceiling is paint. It's not as adventurous as other approaches, but it works. White usually is the best selection for a low ceiling and will pick up the color, through reflection, of surrounding walls. Higher ceilings can take bold color if you wish.

Before starting on the ceiling, do some finishing work. If the ceiling is plaster, make sure it's secure. If you must, scrape, patch and repair. If the ceiling has a popcorn finish, it is best to consider a suspended ceiling.

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High-style Designs Turn Ceilings Into Focal Points
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