Heating Things Up At The Farm Show

Did Central Boiler pay you for this promotion? Even a cursory glance online would let you know that outdoor wood boilers are the dirtiest, most health-damaging and environmentally harmful method of heating possible, causing extraordinary amounts of suffering for neighbors whose homes wind up filled with smoke. If there were any justice, outdoor wood boilers would be made illegal.

"According to Northeastern States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), the average OWB emits as much particulate pollution as 8,000 gas furnaces. They report that there is so much smoke seepage into nearby homes that neighbors’ indoor smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have been known to activate.... At 150 feet away, OWBs were found to produce particulate level peaks of over 1,000 μg/m3, with frequent values over 400 μg/m3 during routine usage. At 50 feet away, a shocking 8,800 μg/m3 peak measurement was recorded. To put this in perspective, when China declared Beijing’s first ever red alert for dangerous air quality, levels had reached 291 μg/m3 — a mere fraction of the hazardous particulate levels to which neighbors of OWBs are regularly exposed." https://woodsmokepollution.org/owbs.html

Source : http://cumberlink.com/news/local/heating-things-up-at-the-farm-show/article_2b6be5d1-fde7-5e9c-b8c1-98a35bb737ee.html

Heating things up at the Farm Show
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