Gardening Trends 2018: Tough Shrubs, Seaweed And Nematodes Could Be In Your Future

Demand for organic fertilisers and chemicals is slowly increasing (although “naturals” still only account for less than 10 per cent of the market). Big companies such as Westland, Scotts and SBM all launched new ranges at industry trade show Glee in September. Vegan and “clean” eating trends could be helping to drive this, as a more radically environmental generation of gardeners takes to growing food. 

New diseases

Two of the big questions for 2018 are, once again, how will Brexit affect British gardeners and will the continental plant disease Xylella fastidiosa reach these shores? As the UK strengthens its borders against plant pests and diseases to try to prevent another ash dieback or Dutch elm disease ravaging the countryside, we could see an increase in UK plant production. A Brexit-led rise in import costs could also encourage greater self-sufficiency.

“Save the Oak” could be the new save the elm or ash campaign. The Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency and the new Action Oak Partnership, which includes Kew and the National Trust, are to exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to push the message that threats such as xylella, honey fungus, mildews and oak processionary moth are putting Britain’s national tree in peril. 

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Gardening trends 2018: tough shrubs, seaweed and nematodes could be in your future
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