Five Interior Design Trends For 2018

In 2018, interior style is all about rejecting conformity to achieve a particular “look” and embracing imperfections.

Individual touches have never been so big and anything with a touch of whimsy gets full marks. Basically, 2018 is bringing about the death of monochrome and minimalism and the rise of eclectic hygge-ness.

Here Houzz Australia zone in on what that all means exactly — with a community of 1.5 million design and reno professionals, they seemed the right people to ask.

Handcrafted wall treatments

Open homes:

Photo: Suzi Appel Photography

Whether tribal or handmade, tiles that add a handcrafted touch to an otherwise sleek and modern kitchen are on the rise.

It takes modern kitchens, which were on the verge of looking like spacecrafts, back to that “heart of the home” space. Bang on for the hygge trend.

Cabinetry with personality

Photo: Kyal and Kara and Wideline Windows & Doors

Photo: Kyal and Kara and Wideline Windows & Doors

Houzz has seen a rise in cabinetry and handles that give a room character. Oversized and elongated wooden knobs work in kitchens or bedrooms.

Anti mass-manufactured furniture

Photo: Popsugar

Photo: Popsugar

Linen bean bags, curvy lines and puffy sofas culminate to make a non-uniform, more organic living space. This means mixing an eclectic selection of seating and tables in your living areas.

Brass is still the metal of choice

Photo: GIA Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Photo: GIA Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Houzz are seeing no signs of the metallic trend abating. Copper and gold will still be coveted in 2018, but they predict brass will take the cake.

Dual-material benchtops

Open homes:

Photo: Art of Kitchens Pty Ltd

Kitchen counters and islands that are a mix of marble, concrete or wood rose to popularity on this season of The Block, and that was just the beginning.

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