Australian Homes Still The Biggest: Report

22 Aug 2011 11:43:59am

Crikey, take a bex Yank old mate!

I think there is plenty of diversity in Australia re modal styles of living - plenty of high to low density - I certainly wouldn't want to live sardine style like your example of Hong Kong - if you think we should go for the lowest common denominator as many of our current PC polices seem to intend - HK definitely shows how NOT to live and has got it all wrong - mainly through having no choice - which is really the great thing about Australia.... we do have choice here.

Carl Jung has a thing or too to say about cramming too many people together and the dangers to mental wellbeing and society from that - I think having some space and elbow room is much healthier psychologically. Mental health is at epidemic proportions - heaven knows there are so many things in the world continually attacking the sense of well being; so perhaps the concept embodied in old addage 'a man's castle' is now more appropriately 'the last refuge'; and is so much more important in such a rotten world. And isn't it nice to see Australia for once is not running headlong as usual mimicking all the mistakes of the rest of the world, as it is usually predisposed to do, even though the folly elsewhere is already evident.

No, I think this lifestyle here is fantastic - the anal retentives can again try and make us all feel guilty.... it won't work on me - there is plenty of space otherwise using your argument we need to immediately stop refugees and immigration to here completely (that ain'ty gonna happen!) or just have the rest of us give up our traditional living room - which might just distil the real argument there. And be positive: new technology will deal with current resource issues - there we have no choice but to progress, otherwise we'll all go under.

What contentment I get seeing my three kids having the joy of playing safely and without a care in the world with plenty of room in their own backyard rather than on some pommy estate living on top of each other breeding little rioters of the future. I think our town planning is world leading and first class - why do you think even yanks want to come here to live! ;-). And if this irks anyone they follow the politics of envy - so look to yourself before waggling your finger at anyone else.

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  • Tickedyboo:

    22 Aug 2011 3:46:47pm

    Fair go tribune. You raise several issues, but they don't recognise the thrust of the original observation.

    Having "plenty of high to low density" is subjective, and simply ignores the contention that our average size is the highest. To then proceed to a reference to mental health with "cramming" is surely an irrelevance. The size of your back yard is not part of this topic either.

    Australia is not "running headlong as usual mimicking all the mistakes of the rest of the world" - we're too busy running headlong as usual outdoing all the mistakes of the rest of the (developed) world.

    Simply dismissing those who hold an opposite view as "anal retentives" doesn't work for me, I'm sorry.

    One last thing - I'm continually puzzled that one obvious excess rarely rates a mention - while we must have our three bathrooms, home theatre and other spare rooms of various descriptions and justifications, we then proceed to the enclosed (and uninsulated) veranda in the middle of winter, and turn on the patio heater.

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  • Bern:

    22 Aug 2011 5:25:51pm

    "plenty of room in their own backyard"???

    You obviously haven't seen the sort of 'product' that developers are building these days.

    Oversized 4+ bedroom houses on tiny blocks have much higher profit margins than modest houses on decent blocks...

    I remember the old 'standard' was quarter acre blocks. But now, 1,000 m2 is almost considered 'acreage', and blocks below 400m2 are not uncommon. Build even a modest house on 400m2, and you wont have much of a back yard to speak of.

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