Add Life To Your Home With Easy To Grow Plants

It's been said that a room is never completely decorated if it doesn't have something green and growing in it. While the silk option is always available, especially for those dark rooms, there's no replacement for a real, living plant. Often, the trick is finding plants that grow indoors and look healthy. It's also a plus to have a pretty green or flowering plant to brighten up a cold or overcast day.


When selecting plants for your house, consider plant layers rather than a solitary pot on a table or shelf. Look for plants that are tall, such as trees or a round floor plant, and small plants, such as a pot of ivy, to add a spark of green on a side table. Give placement of the plants thought as well. A plant in an entryway offers a punch of life and dresses up the foyer. In the breakfast room, plants will add a nice touch to the day's start, and because breakfast rooms often have large windows, this makes a good spot for tall, large or light-loving plants.


Today, bright chartreuse varieties can be found in a number of plants, such as ivies, cacti and alocasia. Try selecting plants that have a unique coloration of leaves or having a planter in your home that brings a few different styles of plants together for something out of the ordinary. Visit the greenhouse at your local home center to find plants that will work in your home that also make a statement.

Flowers are another wonderful choice for adding some bright, growing energy. Orchids can last weeks with only a few ice cubes a week, making them an easy-care choice in low light situations. Other flowers you can bring indoors include hyacinth or narcissus bulbs that can be easily forced and will give your home a burst of color. One of the prettiest and most vibrant winter flowers is cyclamen. Their blooms come in a wide range of colors that will suit most any decor, and they can be replanted in a shady spot in the spring.

Wise choices

Plants need natural sunlight to grow and look good. If you have direct sunlight, tall plants like ficus trees, fiddle-leaf figs and dieffenbachia grow well. Dracaena plants (corn plants) are also lovers of light, but will do well with indirect light. As statement plants, place these in a corner to attract attention and give the room a green anchor. Or go for a palm such as Rhapis (or "lady palm"). These palms look wonderful and are easy to grow.

Consider the style of your decor, too, when selecting plants. Unique plants with angular or contrasting colored leaves look wonderful in contemporary settings, while smooth leaves and more traditional plants, like English or pothos ivy, Chinese evergreens and peace lilies fit in with traditional decor. But no matter what type of plant you choose, remember that adding greenery indoors is good for your home's indoor air quality and the look and feel of your decor.

Kathryn Weber is a home and decorating columnist and publishes the Red Lotus Letter feng shui ezine. For more information, contact Weber through her website,



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Add life to your home with easy-to-grow plants
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