A Dallas Design Couple Just Opened These Airbnbs And They’re Adorable

Maybe it’s weird to write about Dallas Airbnbs at D Magazine. If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you live locally. So, unless you have in-laws coming to town or are planning some serious renovations at home, you’re probably not looking to book a room just minutes from your main address.

But maybe you should! There are crazy cool tree houses after all. Or hygge-approved havens to cozy up in. And as of this month, Dallas’ Airbnb scene has also been gifted with The Grande Series, a pair of super stylish studios in the heart of Bishop Arts designed by the owners of {neighborhood}, Erin and John Paul Hossley.

The duo purchased a 1930s building and took it down the studs, replacing the doors, windows, floors, tiles, and restructuring the entire building in just under a year. “The only thing we kept were some of old exterior bricks and the some of the floor joists,” says John Paul.

The end result is a rentable extension of their store’s modern, artful aesthetic, with just a touch of Wes Anderson-like whimsy.

Head to our slideshow to get into the cuteness.


Source : https://www.dmagazine.com/home-garden/2018/01/best-dallas-airbnbs-bishop-arts/

A Dallas Design Couple Just Opened These Airbnbs and They’re Adorable
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